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Integral Shamanics Training Program Coaching

These Program Coaching sessions are designed for folks engaged in the Integral Shamanics Training Program - in either the Independent Study format or the Training In Tribe format (Training In Tribe +Personal Mentorship format comes with six Program Coaching sessions and six Personal Empowerment Sessions built in).

Training Program Coaching session content is based on what you currently most need for mastery, to more fully engage with the program's skills and techniques: 

  • Assistance with skill comprehension, utilization or practice
  • Personalized guidance with the practice (skill strengthening) exercises or energy raising exercises (e.g. qi gong, pranayama)
  • Obstructions in access with journeying, intuitive connection or energywork flow
  • Navigating issues arising in situations, relationships or work as a result of the new shifts and perceptions that can occur when beginning to practice the skills and techniques in daily life

Sessions are available via phone/Skype. All sessions are recorded as either an audio (.mp3 or .amr) or video (.mov) file with audio files emailed and video files dropboxed to you post-session.

To schedule a session with Kate, just send an email. Session schedule is generally Friday- Sunday each week.