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Joseph: Working with Kaye has helped me to reach a much deeper level of self-acceptance. Even though I have worked on myself and my issues for years, somehow, almost magically, she has helped me to release hidden, deeper levels of shame that have been keeping me stuck in some unhelpful patterns. And what is great about her work, is that it is gentle and easy to work with her. Because I live in Los Angeles, our work has been over the phone. Amazingly, it was one of the most helpful healing sessions I have ever experienced, including ones in person with other healers. She is a profound healer, who fully embodies a wisdom and breadth of heart that can see and reach in to assist with all sorts of experiences. Kaye's work is some of the most gentle, easy to take in, and yet, profound, that I have ever experienced. 

Jessica: AMAZING...that's how I describe Kaye and her unbelievable talent! I was a bit nervous at first to be talking to a "psychic" about my life, but she has proven to be REAL and on key each time I talk to her. She has great intuition and insight, and has been a huge part of my life for over 2 years. Thank you Kaye for sharing your great talent! 

Phillipine: Kaye is an incredibly intuitive, comforting, and empowering soul. She will use her gift to see which energies are around and inside you, and what they are doing, and she will teach you the tools you need to take control of your own inner healing. Don't expect a shoulder to whine on. Kaye is here to guide you and empower you. The soul retrieval was incredibly healing for me- I felt my body release so much sadness and negative energy and I felt very 'at peace' at the end of the session.

Louise: Kaye is warm, maternal and caring. She puts me at ease and it is very easy to open up to her and contact deeper feelings in her presence. Kaye is also deeply committed to Truth, both in her own life and in the work she does with others. She will not necessarily tell you what you want to hear... but she will tell you what you need to hear. For me she is a brave and honest friend that I can call on when I need more clarity or a nudge forward. The help she has given me extends way beyond the actual sessions I've had with her. I feel she is always there, by my side, ready to help me if I need it. I am so grateful to her. She has given me insights about myself and pointed out things about me that, in my years of self-inquiry, I'd never before considered and which gave me a fresh perspective on myself. My sessions with her have stayed with me long after they were done; the truth of what she has told me reveals itself little by little as I am finally ready to hear it. Thank you so much, Kaye. I can't tell you what your friendship and loving help mean to me.

Joanne: I have known Kaye for over 10 years. I have always admired her for her psychic gift, her passion for pursuing her unique personal life's path, her deep empathy and compassion for others and her ability to express her thoughts and feelings in such an articulate, loving way. She is an amazing human being who I feel honored to know and to call my friend. She is one of the people who is making a significant difference in the Universe at this important time of It's evolution. I highly recommend Kaye for anyone seeking new insights into their lives, for those wanting personal growth and healing. 

Chris: Kaye is a caring, wise woman with the ability to see many perspectives. I have found that she has an uncanny ability to harness the energy of YES and is very adept at shedding light on issues/areas that I hide from myself. Seeing oneself with compassionate honesty is much easier said than done. I am grateful for her insight and guidance as I continue along the path.